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Identifying Wrong Labels on Land Surveying Data Collection File

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    Identifying Wrong Labels on Land Surveying Data Collection File

    I am a land surveyor and our field crews collect their data and is given to our office personnel as a .csv file. Each point collected in the field is stored with 5 values, comma-delimited (point number, northing, easting, elevation, description). The description of each point will always be on the 5th column. Our crews are supposed to follow a code list or description code for each point collected, this point list includes roughly 80 different descriptions. For example if they are surveying a road, the crew will collect all points taken on the edge of road as CNC ED or fire hydrants as FH, etc. If they accidently save that point with a different name like CONC instead of CNC, the survey software will not recognize that code.
    My question is the following, is there something that can be set up to where Excel identifies these “bad” codes and then can be easily fixed instead of scrolling thru looking for mistakes.
    I hope I wasn’t too confusing and thanks for your input.

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    Re: Identifying Wrong Labels on Land Surveying Data Collection File

    Hi, welcome to the forum.
    'Artificial intelligence' is one thing, but you can help it like let's say you make new sheet with a list of correct codes let's say down column A next to each code you can add codes that you've come up once in a while, the frequent type errors that refer to this code, so while reading you lookup the code in that entire sheet and it's found and it's not in column A you use the corresponding code i column A.
    My explanation is probably not making sense but I've used this when it comes to column headers presented than do not follow the set rules, so i place alternative headers in the rows next to the correct one.
    This is just to trigger the idea, it's way past my bedtime here but give it a thought, I don't know how your VBA experience it but it's quite simple and straight forward because you can keep adding corrections as they come
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