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data populate according the 2 drop-down selection

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    data populate according the 2 drop-down selection

    Hello Experts,
    Hope you all is good, I need a help on data population, I have 2 sheets, 1st sheet have data and 2nd sheet where I need data to poplate according the 2 dropdown, I have attached screenshot and file.

    I need this Report attached to the slicers and based on the Cost Center and Project number provide the other items

    As an example a drop down index selection for both the Cost Center and the Project number.

    The other items will populate once the cost center and project number is selected

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: data populate according the 2 drop-down selection

    just guess>> =IFERROR(INDEX(Table1[#All],MATCH($B$1&$B$3,Table1[Cost Center]&Table1[Project ID],0)+1,MATCH(A5,'Master Sheet'!$1:$1,0)),"")

    its CSE and you might required header same for all output.

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