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Sort,Filter,Sum Product quantities as categories pack Id,Lot and type

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    Sort,Filter,Sum Product quantities as categories pack Id,Lot and type


    Required a formula help for summarize the data with a unique list (Sorting,filtering) and return a sum of total qty as categorized list as attached sample.

    Thanks for the help,
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    Re: Sort,Filter,Sum Product quantities as categories pack Id,Lot and type

    Not sure what you wish to sum on. Please show us a mocked up solution.

    Please Note
    One thing you must keep in mind when you ask a question in a forum... the people you are asking to help you know absolutely nothing about your data, absolutely nothing about how it is laid out in the workbook, absolutely nothing about what you want done with it and absolutely nothing about how whatever it is you want done is to be presented back to you as a result... you must be very specific about describing each of these areas, in detail, and you should not assume that we will be able to "figure it out" on our own. Remember, you are asking us for help... so help us to be able to help you by providing the information we need to do so, even if that information seems "obvious" to you (remember, it is only obvious to you because of your familiarity with your data). To sum up... we only know what you tell us, nothing more. Also, uploading an actual file (see yellow banner near the top of this forum's window) showing your data as it exists and on another sheet showing how you want it to look after being processed would help immensely.

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