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Growth of student learning in a percentage

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    Lightbulb Growth of student learning in a percentage

    Hello excel brains trust..

    i need to show growth of student learning based on the student reading levels from Term 2 2019, to the reading level they are at term 2 2020 (1 year apart).

    For example, if a student was on reading level 3 in 2019, and by the same time in 2020 they are now on reading level 14, how do i show that growth as a % and what is the formula so i can apply to all students reading levels.
    FYI - Students can get to a top of level 30. This is their highest level.


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    Re: Growth of student learning in a percentage

    As with many problems, before we can program a solution, we need to understand the problem outside of Excel. How do you want to mathematically define "growth percentage" for this? A standard way of defining this is growth percentage=(new-old)/old -- for your example, growth percentage=(14-3)/3=367%. Tell us how you want to calculate growth percentage, and we can help you program that calculation into Excel.
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