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SUM IF calculation.

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    SUM IF calculation.


    In column C i have a total amount of boxes for each specie per grade. In Column D i have a sum if calculation whcih works by using the code in column B and matching that with it being used in column H.

    Id like to change the formulae so that i can match it by specie in column A and grade in column B.

    currently A7 = COD, B7 = C1, Id like to change to A7 = COD, B7 = 1

    So F7 Would = cod and H7 = 1

    ID like to change my exsisting sum if in C1 to have 2 criterias rather than a code.
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    Re: SUM IF calculation.

    Please try at D7


    There is extra space after HAD in F13:F25 , asterisk is added to cover that &"*"
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