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Help with complex (to me) XLOOKUP function to create interactive table

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    Help with complex (to me) XLOOKUP function to create interactive table

    Good morning!

    I posted this originally in the General > Basics and New users forum, and haven't gotten any responses. On looking at other users' questions, I realized this forum might be more appropriate for my question. Hope this is OK!

    I am new to this forum, as I usually do not attempt anything complex enough that I can't find it by Googling. However, I am trying to create a customizable workout plan for my unit to follow at home. I have exercises, skill level, and equipment needed in one table, labeled Exercises, and then I linked checkboxes (for multiple equipment items the person might have), and a drop-down to choose a skill level, to lists in the third tab (labeled Lists). Now I am trying to have the following XLOOKUP function match the user-selected equipment and skill level, look up exercises in the Exercises table, and return them into the shell Workout Plan table on the first tab.

    =XLOOKUP(1, (Exercise_Table[SkillLevel]=WorkoutPlan!$C$4) * ((Exercise_Table[Equipment]="*"&Lists!$D$9&"*") + (Exercise_Table[Equipment]="*"&Lists!$D$10&"*") + (Exercise_Table[Equipment]="*"&Lists!$D$11&"*") + (Exercise_Table[Equipment]="*"&Lists!$D$12&"*") + (Exercise_Table[Equipment]="*"&Lists!$D$13&"*") + (Exercise_Table[Equipment]="*"&Lists!$D$14&"*") + (Exercise_Table[Equipment]="*"&Lists!$D$15&"*") + (Exercise_Table[Equipment]="*"&Lists!$D$16&"*") + (Exercise_Table[Equipment]="*"&Lists!$D$17&"*") + (Exercise_Table[Equipment]="*"&Lists!$D$18&"*") + (Exercise_Table[Equipment]="*"&Lists!$D$19&"*") + (Exercise_Table[Equipment]="*"&Lists!$D$20&"*") + (Exercise_Table[Equipment]="*"&Lists!$D$21&"*")), Exercise_Table[Monday], " ",2 )

    I am using wildcards so that I can have lists of different equipment that can be used for each exercise, and XLOOKUP can still match one equipment item with one selected by the user. By using the "+" I hoped it would function like an "OR", so that if any one equipment item selected by the user is found in the list, then that exercise will be returned. Can anyone see how to fix this? It looks like it should work according to the examples I have found on Google, but it just gives me nothing (the error state that I chose).

    I've tried everything I can think of (removing the wild cards, adding sheet references to everything, using & instead of +, etc) to get this to work. Any help would be awesome!

    Thank you all in advance!
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    Re: Help with complex (to me) XLOOKUP function to create interactive table

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