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Save data from dynamic cell from web

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    Save data from dynamic cell from web

    Quick question here. How would I program a cell to NOT change after a specific date? For instance, if I was to take today's spot price of gold from the web, but have it stay left behind in the previous cell. I feel like I'm so close, yet so far. Here's a test sheet I have made with the best I can come up with. The spot price isn't connected to the internet yet, I just want to make it functional first. Additionally, cell J1=TODAY()
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    Re: Save data from dynamic cell from web

    I did not look at your file, however if you want to set a date of transaction termination with regard to any and all of your cells updating their value if the workbook or worksheet is connected to the internet, and the cells are linked to web data somehow, you could possibly do it by way of the worksheet_change() event. that's what comes to mind immediately. but then again, I would assume that event would take a back seat to any updating that would take place via a link to internet data, whether it be through PQ or not.

    aside from what I just mentioned, there are plenty of other ways you can get this done by using code.

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