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Matching and searching

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    Matching and searching

    I need a formula to look at a history of transactions and find out who the transaction is really from. open the thread to find the attached file

    i have 10's of thousands of rows like this
    If i get a new transaction id like UPI 032514654 SHANGAM SBIN SHANGAM and the amount of Rs.35000
    I want it to be able to read the history of transactions and give me a list of the possible parties based on the the character string in the transaction id and if the amount is withing a + 0r - 40% range.
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    Re: Matching and searching

    Administrative note

    Welcome to the forum

    in your haste to solve your problem, you probably missed the yellow banner advising how to get answers faster by posting a sheet ?

    Please take a moment to read it and attach a sheet accordingly.

    Thanks you for helping us help you

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