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VLOOKUP multiple return and SUM issues

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    VLOOKUP multiple return and SUM issues

    Hi all, hoping someone has a solution for me.

    I have a large sheet which contains monthly delivery numbers for each store in my network. The columns contain other data but for a new sheet I'm creating, all I need is a table showing total customer deliveries for each store on a given day. The table I created is fairly simple, each store (has a unique job ID) is at the top of the column and every date in the month is at the start of the row. My problem has been in the way that our monthly reports are now sent to us, if one or more drivers visit the same store in the same day then this creates another line of data, with the same job ID and date. Vlookup will only return the first answer it finds, whereas I need the total of all the potential answers to the Vlookup. Is there a fairly straightforward way to do this? I've heard SUMIF may be of use in this scenario?

    Also, as the data I'm working from has the whole month, when I've been looking for the daily totals I've only been highlighting the data in the table array that pertains to that day as opposed to the whole sheet. Is there a quicker way to do this?

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Re: VLOOKUP multiple return and SUM issues

    Administrative note

    Welcome to the forum

    in your haste to solve your problem, you probably missed the yellow banner advising how to get answers faster by posting a sheet ?

    Please take a moment to read it and attach a sheet accordingly.

    Thanks you for helping us help you

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