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Extracting Information from a Column based on Keyword Table

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    Extracting Information from a Column based on Keyword Table


    I need some help as I have not been able to find the answer to this problem online.

    Basically, I have a large number (thousands) of cells with miscellaneous information out of which I need to extract specific word combinations. In another sheet I have a table of these specific keywords (e.g. white chair). As this information is combined with other words that are noises (e.g. white chair, treat with sandpaper, not water resistant), I'm wondering if there is a formula or another way to use the keyword table to recognize the words within a column and then extract the recognized words into another column.

    I have been able to use a formula to recognize whether or not the word is within the cell but can't figure out a way to extract those words automatically as they are recognized. This would significantly speed up the process as I currently have to use the filtering or find and replace options, which is making this a very manual task.

    Thank you very much in advance!


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    Re: Extracting Information from a Column based on Keyword Table

    Fast answers need visual help. Please read the yellow banner at the top of this page on how to attach a file.

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    Re: Extracting Information from a Column based on Keyword Table

    Hi there.

    A picture is worth 1,000 words. An Excel sheet is worth 1,000 non-editable pictures.

    Please read the yellow banner about sample worksheets, at the top of the screen. Act on its guidelines and post a SMALL sample sheet complete with an explanation and some expected results.

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