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Formula help

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    Formula help

    Hi all,

    I'll do my best to explain this but I've been asked to do something and I'm not sure on the formula.

    Basically have an excel sheet with rows of data and each row has a unique name a column which has a "Y" or "N" and against each one is a category.

    What I want to do is for the formula to look at each row and if it has a "y" I want it to look at the category and ultimately it needs to produce a donut chart that counts up rows that show "y" and then put them in to a donut showing the total amount in each category.

    Grateful for anyone who can help with this.

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    Re: Formula help

    Answers need visual help. Please read the yellow banner at the top of this page on how to attach a file.

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    Re: Formula help

    ...in addition, please edit the title so that it meets our requirement as outlined in the rules.
    Richard Buttrey

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