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Count Consecutive Columns Between Two Values

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    Count Consecutive Columns Between Two Values

    Hi guys!

    I'm working on an excel formula that counts the number of consecutive months with values between 1 and 5.

    I've created a few other formulas successfully with different criteria but i'm tied up with the range portion.

    - Consecutive Months with values equal to 1
    - MAX(FREQUENCY(IF(C2:N2=1, COLUMN(C2:N2)), IF(C2:N2<>1, COLUMN(C2:N2))))

    - Consecutive Months with values greater than 5
    - MAX(FREQUENCY(IF(C2:N2>=5, COLUMN(C2:N2)), IF(C2:N2<5, COLUMN(C2:N2))))

    Does anyone have any recommendations or tips in accomplishing this?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Count Consecutive Columns Between Two Values

    Hi there.

    A picture is worth 1,000 words. An Excel sheet is worth 1,000 non-editable pictures.

    Please read the yellow banner about sample worksheets, at the top of the screen. Act on its guidelines and post a SMALL sample sheet complete with an explanation and some expected results.

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