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INDEX from a List in Order

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    INDEX from a List in Order

    Hi everyone.. I'm a professor working on an excel spreadsheet for a vocabulary review game I plan to use in my class. I'm trying to figure out how to best get this to work.

    Basically, The main game is on sheet 'A'; I have a list of 100 vocabulary words on sheet 'B'; I have 8 cells on the main game on sheet 'A' where the first 8 words from my list on sheet 'B' should be displayed. I'd like to have a button next to each of the 8 cells on sheet 'A' so that when I press it, it will replace the value of that cell with the next available word from my list that hasn't been used yet. In the past I've accomplished this but randomly choosing from the list which has often produce duplicate and repeat values. My main issue is to have excel retrieve the values in order down my list every time I press the button next to the cells on sheet 'A'.

    Anyone know of what formula or setup could accomplish this?

    Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions!

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    Re: INDEX from a List in Order

    Hi and welcome

    Could be a bit a bit tricky with formulas only, but would be a doddle with VBA.

    If that's an option for you, attach your workbook so we can see it in contexts and we can help with code for it.


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    Re: INDEX from a List in Order

    You could use a Spin Button to increment or decrement your "set" number, and then use an INDEX formula to retrieve your names for each set of 8 words. Follow the instructions in the yellow banner at the top of the screen in order to attach your sample Excel workbook.

    Hope this helps.


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