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Conditional format cells based upon matching cells & date range from today?

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    Conditional format cells based upon matching cells & date range from today?


    Please see attached and see sheets Cycle_Count_Sample & Stock Movement Cycle Count.
    I have a list of all inventory on the Cycle_Count_Sample sheet (most items removed).
    I have a list of inventory that's been cycle counted on the Stock Movement Cycle Count sheet (most cycle counts removed).
    I'm wanting to have conditional formatting highlight all items that have been cycle counted over the past 3 months (91 days), based upon the dates in the Stock Movement Cycle Count sheet. Please see how the highlighting should appear. As you can see, rows 2-11 aren't highlighted due to the item #s not appearing on the Stock Movement Cycle Count sheet, and row 16 isn't highlighted due to the date being greater than 91 days older than today (3/18/22).
    Is this function possible? If so, how?

    Thank you.
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    Re: Conditional format cells based upon matching cells & date range from today?

    First of all, I converted everything into an Excel Table. There are too many good reasons NOT to use Excel Tables.

    I added a Control Panel Sheet. It's just a place to park the current date. You can CUT and paste Cell B1 anywhere else. I gave it a name Today_Date. It's a small thing. I'd rather Excel have to calculate the date once rather than the number of times the formulas that use it appear.

    On the cycle count sheet, I added a helper column to determine if the cycle count is within 90 days: =[@Date]>=Today_Date-90 <- this shows one of the advantages of Tables: you can use column headers in the formulas which makes them easier to understand and debug.

    Then on the Stock Level Detail sheet, I have another helper column Current =COUNTIFS(Table_Cycle_Count[Item No.],[@[Item No.]],Table_Cycle_Count[Current],TRUE)>0 This formula counts the number of cycle counts for the part in the past 90 days. If it is greater than zero, the the formula is true.

    I used this value to set the conditional formatting.

    Another advantage of tables is that they copy things down automatically like formulas, validations and formats (including conditional formatting).
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