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Color Specific Words w/in Sentences (Conditional Formatting)

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    Color Specific Words w/in Sentences (Conditional Formatting)

    Hi, I am a very visual / color-coded learner. I'm currently studying for an exam and using excel to write notes.

    My cells often look like:

    "Reference Group = a group which one compares oneself to
    - I used to think it was an idolized group"

    Note: above cell is a single cell w/ 2 sentence lines

    Is there a way that I can color multiple words in my excel sheet via conditional formatting or formulas
    - I was thinking of putting an "*" in front of each word ("…*compares…")
    - & using conditional formatting to color the single word attached to the "*" (& optionally replacing the "*" using a single formula)
    - Note: I do not want the word "compares" to be colored red for every single instance it is used

    Thank you!

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    Re: Color Specific Words w/in Sentences (Conditional Formatting)

    Sadly, you can't do that with Conditional Formatting. You can only format the font and/or fill of an entire cell, not parts of the text.

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    Re: Color Specific Words w/in Sentences (Conditional Formatting)

    Instead of typing in an asterisk, why not just double click the word and choose the font color from the font menu?
    Ben Van Johnson

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