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Automatical fill with double tap

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    Automatical fill with double tap

    Hi there,

    I've tried the generic "weekly chore schedule" from Excel which have some great ideas and functions. They for example have tooltips which i figured out how to do, but they also have some sort of function to fill a cell with "Done" and a check icon and back to void if double tapped again. This is a really great thing that I'd love to understand how to do by myself but I couldn't find a solution yet.
    There is thee conditional formatting option and icon set for the one part, but I'm open to suggestions for the rest.

    If you could enlighten me on this I'd be very thankful.

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    Re: Automatical fill with double tap

    The double click do and undo is controlled by VBA. Right click on the sheet tab and select "View Code" and you'll see how it's done.
    Feel free to ask specific questions from there if it makes no sense.

    Worth pointing out that if you ask for specific solutions on the forum then the responses you will get may be dependent on the location you're showing, as regional differences in Office setups will affect formulas etc.
    "Blockchain" is not particularly helpful....


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