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Excel - Formula to return only cell with value from specified range

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    Excel - Formula to return only cell with value from specified range


    I have a nested IF VLOOKUP formula that has been set up to return the only cell that has a value in from a range of specified cells - the formula is as follows and has been working correctly:

    =IFERROR( IF(VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$X,11,FALSE)&""="", IF(VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$X,14,FALSE)&""="", IF(VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$X,15,FALSE)&""="", IF(VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$X,16,FALSE)&""="", IF(VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$X,17,FALSE)&""="", IF(VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$X,18,FALSE)&""="", IF(VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$X,19,FALSE)&""="", VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$X,20,FALSE), VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$X,19,FALSE)), VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$X,18,FALSE)), VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$X,17,FALSE)), VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$X,16,FALSE)), VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$X,15,FALSE)), VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$X,14,FALSE)), VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$X,11,FALSE)), "")

    I need to extend this formula to consider 4 new cells in the calculation (columns 34,35,36 and 37) . Using the above logic, I created the following formula:

    =IFERROR( IF(VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,11,FALSE)&""="", IF(VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,14,FALSE)&""="", IF(VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,15,FALSE)&""="", IF(VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,16,FALSE)&""="", IF(VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,17,FALSE)&""="", IF(VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,18,FALSE)&""="", IF(VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,19,FALSE)&""="",
    IF(VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,36,FALSE)&""="",VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,37,FALSE), VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,36,FALSE)), VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,35,FALSE)), VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,34,FALSE)),
    VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,20,FALSE), VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,19,FALSE)), VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,18,FALSE)), VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,17,FALSE)), VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,16,FALSE)), VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,15,FALSE)), VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,14,FALSE)), VLOOKUP(A219,Form1!$A:$AK,11,FALSE)), "")

    However, when I've entered this I get a "you've entered too many arguments for this function" error message.

    Ive been back through the syntax however cannot see where I have gone wrong.

    Can anyone help? Happy to share a copy of the workbook

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    Re: Excel - Formula to return only cell with value from specified range

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    Re: Excel - Formula to return only cell with value from specified range

    Hi david,

    This formula seems to work without the "IfError()" part:
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    Does this help? I just used the Alt-Enter to stack the formula up. I have no idea if it gets you where you want to go, but I don't get an error entering it.
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