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Conditionally format blank cells in a row, between cells that contain numbers

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    Conditionally format blank cells in a row, between cells that contain numbers


    I have a particular problem I am trying to fix and struggling.

    On a Workbook, I have two worksheets.
    The first worksheet allows entry of "From" and "Until" dates for a task. This is simply a task entry worksheet, with dates for the length of the task.
    The second worksheet is a calendar style sheet.
    Row 4 on the worksheet contains labels for the months of the year (Jan, Feb, Mar etc).
    Row 5 then contains the dates for these months (01/01/2022, 02/01/2022, 03/01/2022 etc) for the whole year.

    What I need to do is this:

    Two dates are selected on the first worksheet. For example, the "From" date of 09/09/2022 and the "Until" date of 27/09/2022.
    The second worksheet then needs to conditionally format all the cells in row 6 underneath the dates in row 5, for the range of "From" to "Until" that was selected in the first worksheet. Basically I want to see blank cells turn a specified colour from 9th September to 27th September inclusive.

    To help with this, I have tried to add a formula which enters numbers in the cells in Row 6 of worksheet 2. The formula I used for this is:
    Cell D6 in the first worksheet is the "From" date.
    Cell E6 in the first worksheet is the "Until" date.

    The above now shows the following:
    1 in cell I6 underneath 09/09/2022 in Row 5 on worksheet 2.
    1 in cell AA6 underneath 27/09/2022 in Row 5 on worksheet 2.
    To be clear, I'm just using the month of September as an example on the second worksheet. I will extend the formulas to a whole year range eventually.

    What I now need, is a conditional format so that all cells in Row 6 from I6:AA6 are coloured.

    For a first post, I hope I have explained the above well enough for a genius to solve it for me.
    If I need more than one conditional format, then hopefully there is a saviour out there.

    I'm usually pretty good with Excel, but the above is way beyond my capabilities.

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    Re: Conditionally format blank cells in a row, between cells that contain numbers

    Fast answers need visual help. Please read the yellow banner at the top of this page on how to attach a file.

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