My spreadsheet is as follows

Date Start Date Finished No of Months Staff

15 Apr 04 20 June 05 14 SLH
22/10/2003 01/04/2004 5 EMR
24/06/2003 01/04/2004 9 SLH
27/10/2003 01/04/2004 5 AF
04/11/2003 06/04/2004 5 RJS
28/10/2003 15/04/2004 6 SLH
26/01/2004 15/04/2004 3 EMR

I have tried the date start and date finished columns in different formats etc.

=(E2-D2)/30 is the formula for column F

What I need is a formula that summarises for me, the number of times SLH finished a file in each month, then EMR by each month finish.

i.e. SLH finished 1 in June 05
SLH Finished 1 in Apr 04

Then what i need to do is a graph, showing not of files finished by staff by month.


Sorry about my first posting being this chaotic.