I have a worksheet where I would like to generate multiple rows based on a
cell value (ex. "4" would give me 4 rows, each with a value of 1 in a
column). So it's not a transpose, since I don't want the value 4 to be
converted from a column to a row. Instead I want a value to be split into
multiple cells.

More specifically:

Start with:
Column A heading= Site, Column B heading= Spruce, Column C heading = Aspen.
Value in column A = 1, Value in column B = 4 (a count, # of trees), Value
in column C = 2 (a count, # trees).

End with:
Column A Heading = Site, Column B heading = Species, Column C heading =
Will have 6 rows with value in Column A (site)= 1; 4 of these will say
'spruce' in column B, 2 will say 'aspen' in column B, and all values in
Column C will be 1.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,