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Lookup help needed

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    Red face Lookup help needed

    I'm looking to do a lookup based on a few variables. In the table below, Date, Product, Location and Price are columns A, B, C & D respectively.

    Date Product Location Price
    Jan1 A ZZ
    Jan1 A YY
    Jan1 B ZZ
    Jan1 B YY

    I also would have separate sheets for each product with tables containing the price for each Product:

    Sheet "Product A"
    Table 2
    Date Location Price
    Jan1 YY 2
    Jan1 ZZ 3

    I would like to do a lookup for col D (Price) in Table 1 where it will check the Product, then look in the appropriate sheet and lookup the appropriate date and location and return the Price from Table 2.

    Is this possible? I do not mind manual intervention on some parts if this is required.

    Much thanks!
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    Thumbs up more details reqd

    hi atran,

    please mail me a template on the same so that i can mail you the given working.

    u can mail me on virendra.telkar@gmail.com



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