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formula's in cells are not calculating

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    formula's in cells are not calculating

    I have developed a large spreadsheet with many basic formula calculations
    For some reason the cells are not recalculating when I drag the + or just
    adding 3 cells together . I either get 0 or the original cell amount only ,
    even though the cells I am adding have different amounts in them . I have
    tried tools - options , calculation tab to see if the auto calculation radio
    button has been unchecked to no avail . I have tried saving , save as ,
    copying to a new worksheet , rebooting , throwing the computer against the
    wall !! - also to no avail

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    Couple of thoughts (though I won't guarentee any of them might work)
    1. Do you have more than one version of Excel installed ?
    If you do, ensure that only one is running - this has caught me on more than one occasion
    2. Does this problem only occur with this spreadsheet or with Excel in general
    3. Which version of Excel are you using - I saw this problem with v2002 and although we cured it we never worked out what we'd done to cure it

    Anyone got any others?


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