Hi All,

I require a Formula to calculate the intervals between each individual
occurrence of a TEXT value (the number of Rows between the LAST instance and
the PREVIOUS instance) in a column, and return each interval result to a
separate Column on the same Row starting with the most recent ( the LAST)

Source Data starts from Row19.
Text values of the same value will be in the same column; i.e. 50-51 all in
column B.
Locate when TEXT values LAST appeared together and Count back to their
PREVIOUS appearance together to get the required Count; i.e. the number of
Rows between the LAST appearance and the PREVIOUS appearance. Count from the
Row ABOVE LAST appearance to the Row BEFORE PREVIOUS appearance.

Sample Data extract Sheet1:
Source Data starts from Row19 Column B
ColB means Column B etc
ColB Houses the Text values 50-51
ColC Houses the Text values 55-56
Where I have written the word blank (purely as a visual aid) in ColB is a
Formula that has returned empty text.

Row19 ColB blank
Row20-Row83 ColB blank
Row84 ColB 50-51
Row85-Row133 ColB blank
Row134 ColB 50-51
Row135-Row136 ColB blank
Row137 ColB 50-51
Row138-Row141 ColB blank
Row142 ColB 50-51
Row143-Row172 ColB blank
Row173 ColB 50-51
Row174-Row266 ColB blank
Row267 ColB 50-51
Row268-Row297 ColB blank
Row298 ColB 50-51
Row299-Row379 ColB blank
Row380 ColB 50-51
Row381-Row396 ColB blank
Row397 ColB 50-51

So, the Formula needs to find each Row with the TEXT value and calculate the
interval for each occurrence or instance of the TEXT value by counting the
Row numbers as explained above. The results should be returned in a
horizontal array to a new Sheet using a separate column for each TEXT value
instance interval calculation.

In the above example, Row397 is the LAST Row with an instance of a TEXT value
this should be the basis for the FIRST calculated interval returned to the
New Sheet column B, Row380 should be used for the SECOND calculated interval
returned to column C etc.

The Formula placed in the New Sheet and copied across column B to however
many columns there are Rows of TEXT values needs to be flexible enough to
identify TEXT values beyond Row397 and be adaptable to look for other TEXT
values: 55-56, 59-60 etc.

Expected Results New Sheet:
ColA ColB ColC ColD ColE ColF ColG ColH ColI ColJ

Row8 50-51 16 81 30 93 30 4 2
49 64
Row9 55-56
Row10 59-60

If the above is misaligned:
ColA =Text value 50-51
ColB = interval 16
ColC = interval 81
ColD = interval 30
ColE = interval 93
ColF = interval 30
ColG = interval 4
ColH = interval 2
ColI = interval 49
ColJ = interval 64


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