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How can I calculate flowrate?

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    How can I calculate flowrate?

    we have a flowmeter that I need to monitor. I take date and time readings.
    What formula do i use to calculate the flowrate (kiloliters/ minute)?

    I have a cell inwhich i have calculated the time difference (eg 00:30) and
    another cell where I calculate the quantity (eg: 6.725) now how do I get
    excel to work out 6.725/ 00:30. the result is supposed to be 0.2047333 kL/min

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    The first thing you need to do is convert your time segments into decimals. To do this you need to multiply the time eg 00:30 by 1440 (this is because Excel handles time as fractions of 1 day (=24 hrs) so 30 minutes is actually 0.0208nnn. This then gets you 30 minutes as 30.00 rather than 00:30 so you can do something with it such as 6.725/30 which by my reckoning is 0.2242


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