I have put together a financial budget for 15 years and I now wish to
calculate the incidence of the change in the debt ratio on the ROE on the

The debt ratio is a value given in one cell on an input sheet 1 (C47) for
the first year and the same ratio is copied to the other 14 years

The ROE of the project is calculated in sheet 2

In sheet 3 I put the input cell in cell F5 with the following formula =
Input!C47 to indicate this is the cell I want to change to see the effect on
the ROE

I put the various debt ratios in a colum in sheet 3 (B3:B10) and put the
formula for the ROE in cell C2 referring to the range of cash flows in sheet 2

Now selecting the cell range B2:C10 and click data table referring to cell
F5 on the same sheet 3 as the column input cell

For reasons I can't fathom I get all the same values in cell C3:C10 while
the idea is obviously to get the new ROE for different debt ratios

What am I doing wrong ???