I am trying to get the new Google Maps system up and running on a web site
and I have been told to prepare the data in the Excel file with inverted
as in the example below, which gives customer ID, Category name, address,
town/city, county, post code and telephone number for the data to be
converted to XML and then uploaded into Google.

I have a large Excel file prepared before I was given this advice and to
individually do this to each entry will be excrutiatingly long and painful.
Does anyone know of a formula where I can add " " as in the example below. I
have been told this is tab and comma delimited but I have not heard of that
before and can't find it on my "save as". I am using MS Excel 2003.

"101","1","The Museum","Guildhall Square","Southampton","Hampshire","SO24
5BY","02380 512 6370"


Country Boy