I work for a charity. We have a workbook which tracks donations received. It
has 3 worksheets - Daily Amount, Weekly Amount and Monthly Amount. In the
Daily Amount sheet we enter the date, name of the donor and amount. The
Weekly Amount & Monthly Amount worksheets (which only contain dates and
amounts, not names) are populated using SUMIF formulas and this works very
well. We create a new workbook every year.

Our trustees have asked for a list of donors, together with the total amount
donated by each person. As we have never tracked this before we face the
task of going through the workbook by hand and compiling a list of donor's
names which we can then add to a new worksheet and use SUMIF to extract the
total amounts donated by each from the Daily sheet. As we have about 6
months of donations to wade through for this year, making sure that the list
of names is accurate with no one missing is giving us a massive headache.

Is there a function or formula that will extract UNIQUE names from the Daily
Amount sheet Names column and populate the Names column in the Donors
worksheet automatically to avoid missing any names? I am guessing it could
be done with a macro but no one has any idea about using macros so we need
to keep it simple.

I know that Access would probably allow us to do this fairly easily but none
of us know Access and having to retrain a dozen volunteers to use a new
system would be out of our capabilities and, more importantly, out of our

Can someone please help with a simple solution.

Thanks very much