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Project Management Schedule

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    Project Management Schedule

    Good afternoon,
    I downloaded a MS template for project management and it is laid out like this:
    Cell D Cell E Numbered Days Across the Top
    Days Start End
    52 16-Nov 15-Nov
    with this behind 15-nov (=IF(AND(D46,E46),E46+D46,"")

    now when i enter in the number of days, the formula automatically enters the end date and fills the cells to the right for the number of days with blue.

    Now i would like to modify it for 'weeks' rather than 'days', so i modified the formula to (=IF(AND(D46,E46),E46+(D46*7),""), however it no longer fills the cells to the right with blue.

    Did i modify the formula correctly?
    any suggestions?

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    Check the cells to the right for conditional formatting. By altering the formula you may have to change the values of the conditional format to adjust.

    Good Luck.

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