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Counting Entries by Month and Year

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    Counting Entries by Month and Year

    Hi there ~

    This is a 2-part query.

    PART 1
    I need a formula to count the number of entries by month and year, and enter
    the count on another summary worksheet. Specifically, Worksheet 1 needs to
    show how many cells in Worksheet 2, A:A, have a date that is in Jan-05, how
    many Feb-05, etc. See example of Worksheet 1 below.

    JAN-05 FEB-05 MAR-05

    PART 2
    Then for each month, I need to know how many were assigned to a certain name
    (in R:R).

    Thanks much!

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    Try useing "Pivot Tables" this is what they are designed to do. It will take a little trial and error to get the results you want - but once you understand how they work it is a great tool for what you want to do. The default is to "Sum" everything - but you can also select count - which is what you want to do. Select your Columns - Then put you "Dates" in the Row selection then Put your "Other Column" in the Column Part of the Pivot Table and also in the "Data Area"
    The below is a quick representation of the PIVOT TABLE
    It always defaults to a "NEW SHEET" and after you add new info in your Table - Just
    Count of Status Status
    Date Closed Open Received Grand Total
    1/5/2006 1 1
    1/6/2006 1 1
    12/5/2006 1 1
    Grand Total 1 1 1 3

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