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How can I set up electronic signatures in Excel?

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    Elect Signature in Excel

    How can I set up electronic signatures in Excel?

    I need to set up a field where upper level management can enter a password as
    their electronic signature of approval. I have tried the "allow users to
    edit range" permissions and it does not provide the electronic signature I
    need. I only want to restrict specific fields from a program Manager, not
    protect the entire sheet.

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    Hi Mary.

    Did you try under
    /Tools/Options/Security/Digital Signatures?

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    Mary Thomas

    Re: How can I set up electronic signatures in Excel?

    I thought that was only for macros. will it allow me to set a password as a
    signature of approval for a specific cell?
    I have a form in a workbook which must be signed by various team and
    management members prior to proceeding to the next phase of the project. My
    boss would like to have the approval cells protected with somthing like a
    password signature so that only the upper level managers can approve
    proceeding to the next phase.
    Have I thoroughly muddied the waters now?

    "oteixeira" wrote:

    > Hi Mary.
    > Did you try under
    > /Tools/Options/Security/Digital Signatures?
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