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Pivottable question

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    Pivottable question

    I have created an MS Query for each of 3 datasets (data is accounts for 3 companies in a consistent format).

    I wish to create a Pivottable that can work of all three sets of data to produce one Pivot ie to consolidate all 3 companies.

    I wish to be able to refresh the 3 Queries and be able to produce the end pivot.

    Presently I Query the data into a tab on a spreadsheet for each of the 3 queries, eg Tab1 for Query 1, Tab2 for Query2, etc. I then insert an additional "Tab" and copy and paste all the data onto this new tab, and then swing the pivot off this "new" tab. (eg if each of the queries is, say, 300 lines, I now have a table of 900 lines)

    Is it possible to create a Pivot from 3 queries so as to avoid me having to copy and paste?

    In eager anticipation!!!


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    On pivottable wizard step 1 choose "multiple consolidation ranges"
    hope it helps

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