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need to have the tab list auto-refreshed after adding or deleting tabs

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    need to have the tab list auto-refreshed after adding or deleting tabs

    have got what i wanted for a very long time just one more thing though
    when i change Rename the Sheet 2 ,Sheet 3 it immediately does not reflect the change and if i change the name of the Sheet1 it does not reflect it all,Is there a way that it can immediately get refreshed and i wont to exclude the Sheet1 which would be the Summary Sheet.
    For eg :-Lets say i have three sheets Total \ A \ B ....
    Now i want to exclude the Sheet with name Total or whichever i select so is it possible to do that way , hope not asking too much and also kindly attach the file i would be reallly very grateful...

    The code is very simple (one-liner) but i think its VBA ,Unfortunately i dont understand VBA at all and also Macros do u know any website where i can atleast getthe BAsics for the same...

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    Try a formula version...

    Select cell B2

    Then go to the menu bar select

    Insert > Name > Define

    Name: Sheets

    Refers to:


    Click Ok

    Then input formula in cell B2 and copy down.


    everything works fantasticexcept tfor the fact that it does not get updated immediately when the tabs are added/deleted..
    So please anything more please if u cud attach a file with expalnation..

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