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VLookup - creating a variable Sheet reference?

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    VLookup - creating a variable Sheet reference?

    On Worksheet 1 "Jan. Income", I have a very large data table that uses VLookup formulas to pull info from a 2nd worksheet "January".
    So my VLookup formula in 'Jan. Income' would read:

    All fine so far. But I need use the 'Jan. Income' worksheet as a template for 'Feb. Income' 'Mar. Income' - the tables will pull their data from new sheets 'February', 'March', etc. The Vlookup formula will be the exact same in these new tables EXCEPT that the forumula needs to reference a different sheet (not 'January): "Feb. Income" formula should read 'February'!$A:$P; "Mar. Income needs 'March'!$A:$P...

    How do I make the sheet reference in my original Vlookup formula variable so that I can change the reference worksheet at the push of a button without having to re-type all of the formulas? Ideally I would want the sheet reference in the formula linked to a cell with the word 'January' typed. Then all I would have to do is change that cell to read "Febuary", "March", etc.


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    Have you tried the Edit > Find > Replace option?

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    Or have you looked at using the INDIRECT function?

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