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How to match partial cell text and sum relating values for multiple matches

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    How to match partial cell text and sum relating values for multiple matches

    Hello, I have two worksheets I have to match and sum data from. In the first work sheet I have a phrase I need to lookup in the second sheet from a list of website addresses, but there will be multiple matches in this address list and I need to sum the corresponding values. For example: sheet one cell A1 is ATM_12 and in sheet two E2:E6576 have web addresses like http://abc.com/index.php?source=google&landing=atm_12 and corresponding values in N2:N6576

    I have figured out how to sum on a exact text search using: =SUMIF(Sheet3!E2:E6576,"http://www.abc.com/index.php?source=google&landing=ATM_12",Sheet3!N2:N6576) but since there is a list of about 50 phrases and the web address domain varies, I cannot effectively use an exact search like this.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance-


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    Give this a shot:

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    The formula is an array and must be confirmed with CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER instead of simply ENTER (hold the CTRL and SHIFT key while pressing ENTER).
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    I think you might find a solution combining the SUMPRODUCT, ISNUMBER and SEARCH functions.

    Something like:

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