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Referencing a calculated value in VLOOKUP and INDEX-MATCH

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    Referencing a calculated value in VLOOKUP and INDEX-MATCH

    The problem I'm having is that I can't get either VLOOKUP or INDEX-MATCH queries to work if the cell I'm having it function use to reference the data is a calculation.




    J11 = (F18+F19)/F19 [note: F18 and F19 are entered values]

    The moment I change J11 to a value (say 1.136), the lookups work. Is there anyway to get around this?


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    Hello JillianRuth

    As it stands there needs to be an exact match so if you put 1.136 in J11 you get a result, presumably because 1.136 appears somewhere in Model!$A$2:$A$269

    When you do a calculation like (F18+F19)/F19, the result may display as 1.136 but the "underlying value" probably has more decimal places so you don't get an exact match.

    What values do you have in Model!$A$2:$A$269? If this column is sorted ascending you might want to change MATCH to return a "closest match" (just remove FALSE) or perhaps you can round the calculation in J11 so that you get an eaxct match, e.g.


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