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Nesting Formula Issue???

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    Nesting Formula Issue???

    Im getting the error "The specified formula cannot be entered because it uses more levels of nesting than are allowed in the current file format." How do I make this work without changing file format?

    =IF(S4>0.15,CONCATENATE(B4&" "&D4&"|"&"Rate of Return ="&T4&"/ "&"MLS ID= "&A4&"/ Row "&ROW()&"/ "&$G4&"/"&H4&" Assumed Cashflow of $"&R4&"/month|blue|15%+ ROR"),IF(S4>0.10,CONCATENATE(B4&" "&D4&"|"&"Rate of Return ="&T4&"/ "&"MLS ID= "&A4&"/ Row "&ROW()&"/ "&$G4&"/"&H4&" Assumed Cashflow of $"&R4&"/month|smallgreen|10%+ ROR"),IF(S4>0.05,CONCATENATE(B4&" "&D4&"|"&"Rate of Return ="&T4&"/ "&"MLS ID= "&A4&"/ Row "&ROW()&"/ "&$G4&"/"&H4&" Assumed Cashflow of $"&R4&"/month|smallgreen|"),IF(S4>0,CONCATENATE(B4&" "&D4&"|"&"Rate of Return ="&T4&"/ "&"MLS ID= "&A4&"/ Row "&ROW()&"/ "&$G4&"/"&H4&" Assumed Cashflow of $"&R4&"/month|smallgreen|0%+ ROR"),IF(S4<0,CONCATENATE(B4&" "&D4&"|"&"Rate of Return ="&T4&"/ "&"MLS ID= "&A4&"/ Row "&ROW()&"/ "&G4&"/"&H4&" Assumed Cashflow of $"&R4&"/month|smallred| Negative ROR <5%", IF(S4<0,CONCATENATE(B4&" "&D4&"|"&"Rate of Return ="&T4&"/ "&"MLS ID= "&A4&"/ Row "&ROW()&"/ "&G4&"/"&H4&" Assumed Cashflow of $"&R4&"/month|smallred| Negative ROR >5%"))))))))

    Please Help

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    have a look at

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    It doesn't look to me as if you have too much nesting - you have 6 IFs which should be OK, although it looks like you have too many closing brackets.

    You also have two IFs which start IF(S4<0, the second of these will never be actioned, perhaps one should be for S4=0 which isn't considered.

    You only need to use CONCATENATE or & not both.....and you are making the formula unnecessarily long by repeating some parts 6 times, why not just separate out the common part and use the IFs for the parts that differ?

    All in all that would reduce the formula to the following:

    =B4&" "&D4&"|Rate of Return ="&T4&"/ MLS ID= "&A4&"/ Row "&ROW()&"/ "&$G4&"/"&H4&" Assumed Cashflow of $"&R4&"/month|"&IF(S4>0.15,"blue|15%+ ROR",IF(S4>0.1,"smallgreen|10%+ ROR",IF(S4>0.05,"smallgreen|",IF(S4>0,"smallgreen|0%+ ROR",IF(S4<0,"smallred| Negative ROR <5%",IF(S4<0,"smallred| Negative ROR >5%"))))))

    although you still to correct the duplicated S4<0....
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