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Vlookup to find missing or replicated data`

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    Vlookup to find missing or replicated data`

    I have read all threads I could find but don't seem to have the same needs.

    I have two worksheets they both have same and different data.
    I need to bring "ACE Report" into Master 1 customs. If I just copy/paste, I will have replicated (duplicate) or transposed info which I don't want. Each row has to be unique. It will then be exported to Access.

    If I run a Vlookup in Master 1 to find the replicated data in ACE Report, my result should be:

    "N/A" and
    etc. But, I get the N/A and some of the entries appear but the are repeated a certain number of time and then another number apprears and it goes on and on. What is wrong in my formula or is it the wrong formula? I have tried performing the Vlookup in the worksheet "ACE report". I have tried the Match, Hlookup, Lookup, unsuccessfully.
    I'm baffled!!

    Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.
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    before you go any further there are duplicate entries on ace reports in column A eg rows 55/56 row 57/58 perhaps you might like to sort that bit out first!

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