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Creating putton to add (or subract) a fixed value from a cell

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    Post Creating putton to add (or subract) a fixed value from a cell

    I am trying to track sports statistics. I want to be able to select an icon of some type in a cell and have it add a fixed value to an adjacent cell. For example, I would like to push an icon (+) and the result be adding 2 to an adjacent column to track a basketball players points. I would also like to select another icon (-) to subtract in case of a mistaken add. I would have a separate column for 3 (3 pointers) and 1 (free throws), all with the same functions. The selection of the icon in any column would add the appropriate points to a player's total. Does anyone know the process to add (or subtract) a fixed amount by pushing a button or icon on the spreadsheet? Thanks.

    Tom Hawkins

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    One method would be to get a spinner from the forms menu and link it to a cell. The interval of one click can be varied to suit your needs.
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