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Adding together thousands of sets without thousands of formulas!

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    Adding together thousands of sets without thousands of formulas!

    Hi there,

    I have a problem with simple addition Only this problem is a bit more complex.
    If i have generated thousands of sets of number combinations, using a mix and combine add-in, how do i add the results in each set together without having to visit each set and enter =sum(a1:a10) in an adjacent cell thousands of times.

    I don't want to add the sets together, i want to add the results within each set together and return the value in the adjacent cell, potentially thousands of times.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Can you post an example of your data, it may be easier to understand what you are trying to achieve.

    To post a zipped example, go to “My Documents” or wherever you have your file stored, right-click and “Send to > Compressed file”, then attach this zipped file to your post.

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    Okay what ive got is a set of values in the list below that relate to football percentages, each row represents a different game of football, the first value of 34 relates to the percentage chance of the home team winning the game, the middle value 45 represnts the chance of a draw and the right value represents the chance of an away win.


    There are three possible results for each game yet their can only be one result per game.
    That means that the amount of different combinations that can be generated from this set are around 250
    Set 1 = 5 home wins
    Set 2 = 4 home win and 1 away win
    Set 3 = 3 home wins and 2 away wins

    Now what i want to do is to add the results in each combination to give me the percentage value of that particular set of results and thus the likleyhood that that particular set of results would happen. Seems straightforward, i just =sum(a1:a5) respectfully each set of results. Yet i would have to do that 250 times! Is there a way that i can get round this.

    Many thanks

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