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Making a cell display blank (but not empty) when an adjacent cell has a value

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    Making a cell display blank (but not empty) when an adjacent cell has a value

    Here's my next problem!

    I have the following columns:

    Qty. Each (manual) Each Total

    Typically only the 'Qty.' 'Each' and 'Total' columns will contain a value. However there are occasions where I need to enter a manual value, or modify the value calculated for 'Each' (for example Each x 90% or Each + 5.00). This edited value will be shown in 'Each (manual)' column.

    If I have a value in this column, I want the original value to not be displayed, but obviously the equation which calculates the value for 'Each' column needs to still be there as it is referenced in 'Each (manual)'.

    Does Excel have a function to hide a cell value, or can I input a command so 'Each' appears blank, by changing the text colour automatically to white (thus making the cell look empty).

    If someone can show me a way of doing this it would really help.

    Note: I still need the 'Each' column to be present, as in other rows in my table I will still have a value in the 'Each' column

    Cheers in advance, as always I will post my solution when I've sorted this one
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    apply conditional formatting to the cells in the EACH column, the formula checks if EACH MANUAL is not blank, and if that is the case makes the font in EACH white, something like...


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