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Column Count in vloolup

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    Column Count in vloolup

    I am trying to make life a little easier... I am sure there is a way to do this that I am not aware of..

    In a vlookup formula, example =vlookup(a$2,rangename,2,false) If the formula is to be copied to differebt columns it requiring a different column for the answer the "2" does not change... I have to go back and manually change them to the correct column number...

    Is there a way to make this be relative just as a cell reference would be without the $..

    Thank you Randy

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    It sounds like you have data in several columns, but want a VLOOKUP to find the same information for lookups in any of them, so that if you have San Diego, CA, and USA in A1:C1, and "United States" as the value to be returned in D1, you can use 5-Column() as the third argument. If I have misunderstood, could you please post a copy of the workbook?

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