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group data from multiple worksheets into a seperate workbook

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    group data from multiple worksheets into a seperate workbook


    I have a workbook with 31 worksheets of data in it, i want to then create a seperate workbook and use this a type of master monthly results workbook.

    The data contained in the workbook with 31 sheets is quite flat format sales related figures in seperate columns and seperate rows of data for each adviser that carried out business that day.

    In the master workbook I want to pull through data from each of these workbooks so i can see who has carried out what business that month. My problem is that each sheet in the original workbook may have different names of advisers worked that day so how can i pull through the information into the master workbook ensuring that if 'joe bloggs' has data on sheets 3, 6, 20 and 30 that on the master workbook he has one row with his name on that has summed up the total of this data.

    i have attached a dummy version of a basic worksheet of figures.

    i guess something like a lookup would work but i have no unique identifier except an advisers name?
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    Try something like


    I have attached an example

    Hope this helps


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