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Matrix / multiple lookup / iteration challenge

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    Matrix / multiple lookup / iteration challenge


    I have used this forum a few times to get help so let's hope you can do the business for me again!

    This is basically a problem of working with big lookup tables/matrixes

    The example has two sheets, "front" and "s4_1NS", in the future I'd like to have up to 50 sheets called s4_2NS, s5_1NS etc etc, but for the moment the problem is just for one site (I can replicate for the others later).

    Initially the challenge is this:
    On "front" you enter values in c4:c9 of offshore wave height, direction etc.
    I have set d4:d9 to lookup these values in the grid g3:m11 to return "a,b,c" etc. I then concanate these in cell a11 and lookup the concanated value on the worksheet "s4_1NS" to return nearshore wave height, period and direction.

    This seems to work when I lookup exactly the values that are in the matrix in "s4_1NS", but is there a way to lookup interpolated values, i.e. for an offshore wave height of 2metres and an offshore wave period of 5 secs...

    Can anyone offer advice, I have looked at XlXtrfun.xll as well - but I can't work out how this works....

    A bit more about the matrix in sheet S4_1NS
    Cells a1:l1 contain the labels
    cells a2:l2065 contain data ranges that need to be looked up
    I really need to try to lookup values that do not match exactly with the grid

    I hope this makes sense!

    Please let me know - I do not mind if the solution is by macro or just plain old formulas - I have ordered a VB book to try to learn this stuff for myself!


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