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Need to cal. avg of Col N (excl. blank cells) with only cells ref to Col. C as "Y"

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    Smile Need to cal. avg of Col N (excl. blank cells) with only cells ref to Col. C as "Y"



    In Col C, there are dropdowns for choosing Y or N. In Col N I only want to see the average of the numbers which say "Y" in Col. C. But the formula I have here counts all blank cells in Col. N including those don't say "Y" in Col. C.

    Please help.

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    Hello Vinnie Chan:

    This is an array formula; enter with the keys, Ctrl+Shift+Enter.


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    Thanks Flintstone for you reply.

    However these 2 formulas give the same result as the formula I have before. The answer is understated because it includes the blank cell in Column N which doesn't have a "Y" chosen in Column C.

    I am now attaching a file. May be you will understand better what I really looking for. The formula I need in the row highlight in RED. The answer in
    N43 should be 7.5.

    Thank you for your help in advance.
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    This should do it
    But it doesn't, it returns 4.5

    your post said that you want the average of those entries that have a matching Y in column C, but your desired average is the average of the non-zero (column N) entries that have a Y in C.

    If that is what you want
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    Thank you mikerickson.

    This is exactly what I want. Works perfectly. I have never used SUMPRODUCT, I need to understand more about formulas.

    You guys are awesome.

    Thanks again.

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