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Transfering data to a different workbook automacticly

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    Transfering data to a different workbook automacticly

    To start out with, I have a sheet in excel that I would input data in daily. (example of sheet attach)((LOG IN SHEET)

    Example LOG IN SHEET

    Name Item Name Amount
    Lisa Apples 10.
    Mike Pears 5.
    Jo pears/apples 2
    Lisa bike 5

    I have a Worksheet that is catogarized by NAME and all information is in the bottom. This Worksheet automacticly calculates the persons amount. (example of worksheet is attach.)

    What I want.
    1 To have the data from LOG IN SHEET to WORKSHEET
    2. I want ex Lisa to go to WORKSHEET D2
    Apples to go to Worksheet A4
    Amount to go to Worksheet B4
    Another example

    JO to go to WORKSHEET S20
    Pears/Apples Q33

    Names are not in special order or names are not always the same. Also the names doesn't have to be in the same area.

    Please help me transfer all the data to my Worksheet automacticly.
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    Can you please not start new posts for an existing topic.

    There are suggestions in the forum rules on how to proceed if you are not getting a response to an existing post. At the very least you should have made a link to the original post.


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