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Math Formulas in a Text Box

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    Math Formulas in a Text Box

    I need to put a mathmatical formula inside of a text box in Excel. Whenever I try to do it, nothing happens...the text box just displays the formula and doesn't actually calculate. Thx!

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    What make you think that the text box should perform a calculation within itself?


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    The features that are avaliable to Excel's user interfaces are not built into a textbox.
    For example, entering =3+2 in this box will return 5.
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    TextBoxes are raw, primitive tools for inputing strings. Which can then be manipulated as the developer chooses.

    If you would explain what you are trying to do with this box, different ways of acheiving that end might be explored.

    Is the textbox from the Drawing Menu? or the ToolBox or is it on a userform?
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