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Excel Formula Help

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    Excel Formula Help

    Okay So i'm having a brain freeze at the moment and need some help with a formula in excel.

    I have tabs in a worksheet and have two conditions I want met on the totals page. Basically I want to check if a partner is equal to let's say NBA and the ESP is equal to GPM to add the value of sales colum to my totals cell on the second workbook. I will have this function for a total of about 10 different combination and have them add separately into the totals page.

    I have this right now which it checks the conditions properly but it doesn't add the values into the cell, it just shows 0.

    =IF(AND('Offer Performance'!F:F="NBA",'Offer Performance'!B:B="GPM"), +'Offer Performance'!H:H,0)

    So to recap first condition it checks to see if colum F has "NBA" and Column B has "GPM" and i want to take the value in Colum H from that sheet and add it to a running total.

    Thanks in advance.

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    It maybe:
    =Sum(IF(AND('Offer Performance'!F:F="NBA",'Offer Performance'!B:B="GPM"), 'Offer Performance'!H:H,0))
    Surely Ctrl+Shift+Enter

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    Here's a non-array formula solution which is a touch more efficient:

    =SUMPRODUCT(-('Offer Performance'!B2:B300="GPM"),-('Offer Performance'!F2:F300="NBA"),'Offer Performance'!H2:H300)

    If you are doing lots of combinations then I recommend that you use a PivotTable approach rather than a formula based approach.

    BTW - unless you are using Excel 2007, you cannot use entire columns within an array formula or as a SUMPRODUCT argument.

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