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How to add up products across a row based on a price list?

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    Red face How to add up products across a row based on a price list?

    Hello guys & gals I've recently started using Excel at a (well somewhat) new job.
    I've never used it before, even as a quasi manager at my last job...
    So needless to say I need some help Here is a basic layout of what I want to do:

    1) I want to make a sort of "log" where I can track a order #, phone #, etc.
    It will have separate columns for separate products. I want to make it so that
    I can just put the value into each (or multiple) columns and then it totals it at the end of the row.

    2) But, I want to make the values for each column to be hidden...
    So I only see the quantity in each column and then a total at the end of the row.


    Order # | Phone # | Product #1 | Product #2 | Total
    In this example, #1 is worth $28 and #2 is worth $14 (each).
    So if I want the values (Respectively) '2' & '4' then under the 'Total' column
    I would want the answer of $112

    It is going to be used as a simple order tracker. So I can track the basic information,
    know what was sold and how many, and total dollar amount sold on the order.
    At the bottom (say like row 300 ish) I would tally up the sum of the 'total' column.
    But I've already figured out that part Its just calculating each row individually...
    I hope I was clear. If not, I can upload the excel file I am working with now.

    Any help would be appreciated
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    - Jonathan

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    Here is one possibility:
    Ben Van Johnson

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    Hi JonathanSQ,

    Please take a moment to read the forum rules (link in my signature and at the top of each sub-forum), then edit your thread's title to something more descriptive of your problem.

    Second, and probably more important, it would be better for you to try setting something up yourself, then asking questions in the forum one by one. Being volunteers, most of us have time to answer individual questions, but not to sit down and create a product ordering workbook for you.

    Between this forum and the Excel help file you should be able to get your answers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by protonLeah View Post
    Here is one possibility:
    Attachment 26789
    Thanks, Ben. But being a Excel newbie, I really am not sure how to use that??
    I'm attaching what I've made and where I need some help... because I'll be
    honest I am not very clear, again, how to use or even what I am looking to
    copy and implement in the document I've made...

    If you look in my document, under the 'Test Trckr' sheet, you'll see my progress thus far.
    You can find the values for each of the general products under the 'Calculator' sheet.
    I figured out how to add up the sum of the 'Total' column, but I want to add across each
    row based on multiplication. EG, product #1 is worth $20 so if I put a '1' there I want to make it
    so $20 appears under 'Total' for that row, and so on... again, let me know if I am not being very clear

    http://jwsquire.com/czn/S&SO%20Trckr.xls (its 21kb too big for the forums)

    Paul, I've edited my title to be a little more descriptive... also, I do not expect anybody to create a product for me!
    If I only get a general reply pointing me towards a function or tool within Excel that would work for me, that'd help.
    Because I don't even know what sort of function (or tool) I really need in order to do what I want, so I am a little
    lost when trying to look through various Excel tutorial websites I've found from these forums. And I cannot find
    anything through Google similar to what I want to do (although this could be my fault from, perhaps, incorrect use of search words/phrases)

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    Ah never mind, after spending further time looking through some
    of the Excel topics on these forums I found a answer

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