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Auto Sort results

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    Auto Sort results

    Hi, I'm trying to do an auto sort whenever shortlisted admin worksheet is updated. When updates are made to Cell B, Cell Z will sort by descending.

    But the following macro does not sort the list whenever new data are added to cell B. Following are the codes, i not sure where i did wrong.

    B11:Z11 is the header

    I have added this piece of macro to the worksheet(Shortlisted Admin) that needs to be sorted.

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    Is it possible to display first 6 results after sorting. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Re: Auto Sort results

    Your profile says you are using XL'03, but you supplied an XL'07 workbook.

    I am not sure about XL'07, but I do know in XL'03, that sorting formulas will never get you the desired results hoped for, because sorting does not rearrange the cells, it rearranges the data in the cells.

    You may have to look into autofilter.

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