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Cannot get time stamp to stay static

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    Cannot get time stamp to stay static


    I searched the internet for a solution to my problem and thought I had it, but now that it's a month later and I went to check on my spreadsheet, I realize that my function no longer works.

    When I enter text in Column C, I want column A to record the date of the entry. I want this time stamp to remain static.

    This is what I have currently:

    So that basically if C3 is empty, no time stamp appears. If C3 is full and a time stamp has already been generated in A3, A3 remains as A3 and is not updated.

    Not sure what the <> mean but I found it online written that way for this type of problem. When I substitute = for <> I get an error about the function.

    Any ideas as to how to get your time stamp to remain static for entries?

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    Re: Cannot get time stamp to stay static

    The easiest way is to insert the folloiwng in your Worksheet_Change event macro.

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    It appears that you already have somehting in that macro that references a worksheet "UCAs". If that's the case then insert the highlighted lines as shown in the begining.

    In your attached file the formula you have in column A have circular reference, so they won't work anyway.


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